November (the month whereby, the end of year rush begins!)

November has been extremely busy for the Team at Ceramic Substrates.   Our Engineers and Factory Operatives have been working vigorously manufacturing and machining bespoke and advanced ceramic components for an ever-widening array of worldwide applications.

In todays’ market Ceramics can  provide reliable solutions in all types of industrial, Engineering and high-tech functions.  With their unique properties, ceramics are indispensable in many areas and the potential of ceramic materials is far from being exhausted.  Ceramic Substrates has been providing Technical, Precision, and Industrial Ceramics since 1968, with a wealth of knowledge and experience within our field of expertise.

Machinable Ceramics offer a comprehensive range of materials for rapid prototyping which can be achieved by normal machining techniques using Tungsten Carbide Tools. This includes high voltage insulation, high temperature, high and low thermal conductivity and thermal shock.

 Ceramic Substrates has a well equipped and modern tool room dedicated to the manufacture and maintenance of customers tooling. By keeping this process in house we are able to keep not only simple but extremely complex tooling costs to a minimum, coupled with shorter lead times.

We also offer a wide and varied range of the most commonly used industrial ceramic components, for example:- Fish Spine BeadsEgg Insulators, Knuckle Beads, Split Bushes Male& Female.  We often work with world-wide Universities offering Multi-Anvil Octahedra and Piston Cylinder Assemblies.

We have seen further changes within the Team and we are proud to announce, Ben who use to run our Powder/Materials Department is starting a new chapter as Charge Hand to assist the Production Manager Sean in the day to day running of the Shop Floor.  Ben and his partner Emily have become parents over the past year, they now have a little girl call Eliza also known as “Daddy’s Little Princess”.  Ben and Emily met whilst working together at Ceramic Substrates five years ago

Ben - Charge Hand

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