July at Ceramic Substrates

July has been a busy month here in the factory, not only with the manufacture of Ceramic Components but annual servicing of key machinery.

Jack from Hurco  spent time on site carrying out the service to all our Hurco machining and Turning Centres.

The term “machining center” depicts  nearly all CNC milling and drilling machines that includes an automatic toolchanger and a table that clamps the workpiece in place.   On a machining center, the tool rotates, but the work does not. The course of the spindle is the most essential defining characteristic of a machining center.   “Turning centers” is a term sometimes applied to machines with particularly sophisticated capabilities related to secondary spindles and/or rotating tools for milling and drilling.

Control Panel

Our Bridgeports were also serviced in the same week, but by  Stuart from Multimech Limited who is based in Bristol.

Bridgeport is a brand of milling machines and machining centers, and the original corporation was founded in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  They started selling their machines in 1938.   The brand was produced by Bridgeport Machines, Inc. from 1938 until 2004, when it was acquired by Hardinge, Inc., the current owner.

CNC Machining is a process used in our manufacturing plant, that involves the use of computers to control machine tools. Tools that can be controlled in this manner include lathes, mills, routers and grinders.The CNC in CNC Machining stands for Computer Numerical Control.


Pyrophyllite Machinable Ceramic on one of our Bridgeport Machines


See also our dedicated Macor Machinable Glass website for more machining videos

All departments within our factory are working vigorously manufacturing a wide range of components for shipment worldwide.

One of the new projects we have been working on this month involved in-depth consultations with our Customer, to assist with the implementation of Ceramic components within their application.  The tooling has been completed and samples are ready to be fired, Chris our Toolmaker always finds new projects interesting and challenging.  Sean our Production Manager with over 26 years of experience within our Company also plays a large part in the consultation stages and the manufacture of these components.

Here at Ceramic Substrates we are very lucky to have a loyal time-honoured Team of employees.

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