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We are all aware of the hot topic engulfing our News and Britain’s Manufacturing Industry in Brexit :- “the voting on the UK’s membership of the European Union to be held on 23 June 2016”. The EU referendum debate is set to rage on for another couple of months with both the in & out campaigns making claims for and against.

I am sure most Manufacturing businesses would at this point like to be able to look into a “crystal ball” and know if opting out of the EU will help or hinder the manufacturing industry for just over half of Britain’s manufacturing exports go to the EU.

It would appear that the pro-leave campaigners believe that a move away from EU membership will cut red tape, however, many British manufacturers may feel that it is easier to continue with the status quo, especially since the EU will remain Britain’s largest trading partner.

The great uncertainty associated with this referendum, I believe has affected the Manufacturing Industry over the past few months and no one can predict the exact result, which is probably a headache for both sides of the argument.

A survey by the CBI with their members showed  a majority thought it would be in the best interests of their business and the wider UK economy to remain inside the EU?

Whatever the outcome of the EU referendum in June, we believe as manufacturers we must ensure our own business can adapt accordingly to the wider environment and influences.

On a lighter note – this month saw the celebrations of Her Majesty’s Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday. ( )  Celebrations were held for The Queen’s life, her love of horses, her dedication to the Commonwealth and international affairs and her deep involvement with the Navy, Army and ­­­­Air Force.

Crowds gather to watch our Queen light the first beacon.  More than 900 lit up across the UK including one on Culver Down on the Isle of Wight and overseas as part of her 90th Birthday celebrations.


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