Quality Control

Quality Control

We have been upgrading and improving our in-house systems and equipment for the Quality Control of our products.

During the review process we decided to create a dedicated temperature controlled clean room for the storage and use of our measuring equipment.

Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine at Ceramic Substrates

The equipment review resulted in us choosing Mitutoyo as our preferred supplier of measuring and inspection equipment. They are renowned Worldwide for the quality & reliability of their measuring equipment. We assessed our present and future requirements and selected a Miyutoyo PJ-A3000 with a 50X & 100X lens and fixtures as our non-contact measuring choice.

Miyutoyo PJ-A3000Ceramic Substrates


Our next decision was to select the best Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine suited our needs and applications, the decision was a Mitutoyo Crysta-Plus M443 as the size, versatility and software was deemed a perfect match for our needs. We also identified that the upgraded Renishaw MH20i probe system would meet our needs.

Mitutoyo CMM Ceramic Substrates




We have used for many years “standard” digital measuring equipment from Mitutoyo.


We were pleased to welcome Trevor Stubbs, the technical representative from Mitutoyo UK to formally hand over the new equipment to our Director, Andrew Starnes. He also provided on-site advice although two of our engineers have attended a one on one training course at Mitutoyo UK’s Andover headquarters to ensure we are able to use the machine and software to its full potential.

Director Andrew Starnes Ceramic Substrates and Components Ltd.

We welcome new and existing customers to visit our works to see this room and the rest of our facility.

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