July 2016

This month has been very busy here at Ceramic Substrates and not only for the manufacturing of ceramic components!

The Office have been busy preparing our end of year accounts ready for the Auditors whilst at the same time getting the quotes and orders processed as we start a new financial year.  The shop floor team whilst doing what they do best manufacturing and machining precision engineered ceramic components have also had to undertake the dreaded stock-take.  As much as the Shop Floor Team love the modern technology they get to use in the Factory, the Office Team absolutely worship Sage Accounts!

For almost three days we had experienced severe problems with our email server, whereby we could not send or receive at all.  (As we all know for any business now a days this service is vital)  Anyway,  we ended up having quite a discussion in the Office about the various communication services used over the past thirty to forty years and the faces on the younger generation said it all, especially when we explained and showed pictures of the “Telex” system.   The internet and Computer systems are so important not only for Businesses but also as individuals, it is virtually impossible to imagine our lives without them.

Health and Safety is vitally important in any business and there are various outside Companies that are required to come in and carry out their servicing and checks, six monthly or annually.  This month was our six monthly inspection by HSB Engineering Insurance Services Limited for our Forklift Truck and Air Receivers.  We are pleased that no action was needed and following a thorough examination all was in good working order.

We have taken delivery of various raw materials this month which are used in our Material Preparation Room to make our different types of Refractories, Steatites and Aluminas.

Steatite Components

Steatite Components



R197 Components



Alumina Components

The last few weeks have certainly heated up, not only the outside temperature, but our factory has been a hive of activity from the Tool Room, Material Preparation, Machining right through to the Kilns being stacked and fired.   Talking of temperatures over the past week it has certainly been a little on the warm side, so we all take a short break in the afternoon with a well deserved icecream/lolly.


The summer holidays are upon us and obviously staff like to take time off  to enjoy the summer weather and be with their families.  Here at Ceramic Substrates the Team work their time off around each other so we can continue to operate with no adverse effect on the day to day running of the Factory, manufacturing our Customer orders on time and to the high specification/quality they are accustomed too.

We wish you all a pleasant summer and if holidaying on the Isle of Wight, you will always be welcome at Ceramic Substrates.

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