Ceramic Substrates and the Isle of Wight in August

August is one of the busiest month’s here on the Isle of Wight for the Tourist industry, with every weekend seeing a big organised event.  At the beginning of the month was the Chale Show with family entertainment over two days, followed by Jack Up the 80’s, the annual Cowes Week Sailing Regatta and then the Garlic Festival to name but a few.

The Isle of Wight also has a large manufacturing community specialising in various areas of Engineering and Ceramic Substrates are very proud to be a part of this.  Although Ceramic Substrates was founded in Farnham Common back in 1968, the company moved to the Island in 1986, growing from strength to strength.  Ceramic Substrates is still very much a family run and owned business with the Founder George Blain who is the Chairman still enjoying the scientific side.

August saw the arrival of another Bridgeport Machine:-

Arrival of Bridgeport Machine  This appliance has been added to our already extensive   range of machines and will be    used within     our Machinable  Ceramic Department, for the  machining of  Macor    Machinable Glass Ceramic,  Pyrophyllite Aluminium Silicate,  Shapal Hi M Soft and   BNP-2.

We had a further delivery of Corning Macor Machinable Glass Ceramic, in the form of Maxi-slabs and large rods.   The large rods are used when size dictates that the maxi-slabs are too small.  A typical Maxi-slab of Macor Glass Ceramic, has approximate dimensions of 355mm x330mm by 57-58mm max thickness and the are approximately 76mm diameter x 311mm Long.

                 Macor Machinable Glass Ceramic Rod

Macor Machinable Rods


Macor Machinable Glass Ceramic Maxi-slabs

  Macor Machinable Glass Ceramic Maxi-Slab


We are very proud to be an Official Corning Macor Distributor and enjoy the association of working closely with their Sales and Marketing Team here in the UK and France.  Macor® Machinable Glass Ceramic is one of the most versatile and unique technical ceramics,  Engineered to perfection.

Macor Machinable Glass Components

Macor Machinable Glass Ceramic Components


It is a little over a year since we upgraded and improved our in-house systems and equipment for the Quality Control of our products and  Mitutoyo were back on site this week to service and calibrate our equipment.

Trevor from Mitutoyo Servicing our Shadowgraph

Mitutoyo Servicing our Shadowgraph


Gareth from Mitutoyo servicng our CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine

Mitutoyo Servicing our CMM

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