Bespoke Ceramic Manufacturing

With over 47 years of Ceramic manufacturing experience, we remain committed to producing high quality components.  With our manufacturing process we will lead you through every step, from raw material preparation to post firing machining to ensure your product will be of the highest quality and delivered on time.

Our Bespoke manufacturing department operates sixteen dry powder compaction presses ranging in tonnage, manufacturing a versatile and competitive range of dry pressed ceramic components in materials, such as Steatite,  Porcelain,Alumina and Refractories. We also manufacture with extrusion equipment.  Our  well equipped and modern tool room is committed to the manufacture and maintenance of customers tooling

Our materials are tested and monitored throughout the production process and at every stage of the firing process.  The firing process provides the chemical reaction to bond together the individual powder particles. During the sintering process the “green compact” shrinks, however, this shrinkage is expected and accommodated for in the tooling design and manufacture.

Following  firing, finished components are subjected to a final quality inspection, however, we believe that quality is not all about the final inspection but is managed throughout the entire production process and is incorporated within our Quality Assurance Policy ISO9001.  Our experience enables us to recognize and manage variables throughout our manufacturing process, from the analysis of raw materials to the finished components.

Bespoke Ceramic Components

Various Bespoke Ceramic Components Steatite,  Porcelain, Alumina and Refractories

Our Engineers continually monitor and service our plant so that the manufactured components meets the required tolerances and conform to specifications.


Steatite Dry Pressed components

Ceramic Substrates dedication to quality is essential in developing and manufacturing components that are  cost-effective, yet ensuring high quality at all times.


Steatite Components

Small Steatite Plugs        


R197 - Refractory Components

R197 Refractory Components

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